How compact fluorescent lamps differ from incandescent lamps

The standard incandescent lamp is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The replacement is a compact fluorescent lamp. Compact fluorescent lamps save you money because they use a lot less energy and they last a lot longer. You should be able to find compact fluorescent lamps at most locations where incandescent lamps are sold. The compact fluorescent lamps are also becoming much more affordable.

Incandescent lightbulb and Compact fluorescent lightbulb

Replacing an incandescent lamp with a compact fluorescent lamp saves money because CFL(s) use about 70% less electricity and last around 10 times longer than an incandescent lamp. The newer versions of compact fluorescent lamps give off a really pleasing light. At MetroPower, we recommend changing out one room at a time. When an incandescent lamp goes out in a room, simply replace that particular lamp or all the lamps in that room with the compact fluorescent lamps.

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