How to label your electrical panel

It is important to label your breaker panel for convenience and safety. This is something you can usually do yourself, but if you need help, give MetroPower a call.

A very important aspect of home ownership is a basic understanding of your electrical system. At the very least, you should know which areas of your home are serviced by which circuit breakers so that if there is an emergency, you can shut off power to that area of your home. To avoid trying several breakers before getting just the right one, simply take a little time to label your panel. All you need is a pen, some paper and a friend.

electrical panel labels

A properly labeled electrical panel

How to label your electrical panel

The easiest way to label each breaker is by turning off all the circuits in your home and then turning each one on in turn while making note of which light or appliance is turned on by each breaker. You should have one person at the panel with the paper and pen while another person walks throughout the house to figure out what areas are connected to each circuit. You then take your directory and post it to the inside of your panel door when you are finished.

A few things to consider:

  • If you find that certain sections don’t belong to any one breaker, this could mean that there is some miswiring in your home. Call MetroPower to come take a look at the problem.
  • Your panel will have some double breakers and these control appliances that require a higher amount of power to run. (Examples are clothes dryer, water heater, oven, etc.)
  • If you have a strange smell, smoke, sparks, a buzzing noise or the breaker is tripping too frequently, call our experienced electricians immediately! This could indicate a more dangerous issue.